• Bolt and Nut

We sell a range of Stainelss Steel bolt & nut right here in store! If we dont have the size you need, we will try our best to source these for you overnight. We have on up to M30 in diameter on the shelf! Available in Metric & Imperial (UNC & UNF) sizes. 

  • Socket Cap Screws 

We sell a wide range of Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws, in both 316 & 304. Stainless Cap Screws are the most common type of stainless steel socket screw used & have a cylindrical head with high straight sides with a six sided hex recess for use with an allen key or hex driver tip. 

  • Socket Button Head

Button Head Socket Screws have a domed head with a hexagon socket (allen key) drive. Available only in 304 Stainless Steel in store with the distinctive hex drive recess. 316 Stainless Steel can be sourced if required. 

  • Countersunk Socket

Countersunk Socket Screws are mostly fully threaded, however part threaded in some sizes. With the distinctive hex drive recess hexagon socket (allen key) drive. 316 Stainless Steel can be sourced if required. 

  • Coach Bolt (Also Available in Galvanised)

Coach Bolts are commonly called Carriage Bolts or Cup Head Bolts. They have a mushroom head and square neck which can be placed inside a recess to aid tightening the nut. We stock these in sizes from M6 through to M12. 

  • Coach Screws (Also Available in Galvanised)

Hex Head Coach Screws are used to hold timber of larger proportions together where it is not practical to gain access to the reverse side to fit a nut. We stock these in sizes from M6 through to M16

  • Sleeve Anchor

Masonry Anchors are a range of fasteners designed specifically for fixing into concrete. The Sleeve Anchor consists of a central bolt with an expanding cone shaped taper similar to a trumpet at the base end, a split sleeve which fits over the bolt and is expanded by the bolts taper, a flat washer and a nut. 

  • Wedge Anchor (True Bolt)

The Wedge Anchor also known as a true bolt (because the thread size is the same as the true nominal diameter of the sleeve) uses a shorter sleeve that doesn’t have a split.

  • Self-Drillers (For Metal)

Self Drilling Screws are designed specifically for drilling through thin sheet metal, and are available in a range of head types & drives.

  • Self-Tappers

Self Tapping screws are used in wood metal or plastic. Self Tappers are used where there is access to only one side of the material being used. Available in various head types & drives. 

  • Threaded Rod  (Available in Metric & Imperial)

Threaded Rod is a continuous length of round bar that has a thread on its external diameter so a nut can be screwed on from either end. These are availble in 3ft lengths in store.  

The Washer can be split into 2 groups protective and lock. It is a supplementary component of a fastening arrangement made from metal. It normally has a round shape on the outside and a clearance hole on the inside so that it slips easily over a bolt or screw of the corresponding diameter.

  • Flat Washers 

Flat Washers or Round Washers as they are sometimes called, these would be by far the most commonly used washer by all trades for all types of fastenings. They are available in both metric and imperial sizes. As well as a large number of nominal hole sizes there is also a large variety of outside diameters and thickness’s available to choose from these are sometimes called penny or fender washers.

  • Square Washers

Square Washers are a range of larger sized washers that have a distinctive square outside and a round hole in the middle. They are used mainly in the building and construction industry where timber is held together, the washer is used to spread the tightening loads over a greater area.

  • Spring Washers

Lock or Split are other common names, these washers are used to lock a nut or bolt head from rotating loose. This is achieved by creating tension under the fastening head. 

  • Belleville Washers

Belleville Washers are another form of anti-rattle washer that is used on a shaft that has an oscillating or semi rotating motion to a component and the washer acts as a spring to hold the part from becoming loose.

  • Cup Washers

Cup Washers are shaped with a curved surface so that a countersunk screw will fit the inside.

  • Hexagon Nut

Hexagon Nuts are available in many thread types, Both metric coarse (standard) and metric fine threads, Unified National Coarse (UNC), Unified National Fine (UNF) 

  • Dome Nuts

Dome Nuts, also known as Acorn Nuts are made from a solid piece of stainless and the two piece is a hexagon nut with a dome cap fused to one end.

  • Nyloc Nuts

Nyloc Nuts have a nylon ring inserted at the end of the nut. This is a self-locking device to stop the nut undoing under constant vibration or load variations. Because of this Nylon, Nyloc Nuts not suitable for use where the temperature is liable to exceed 120 degrees celsius.

  • Coupling Nut (Long Nuts)

Coupling Nuts are often used for joining or coupling lengths of threaded rod. 

  • Grease Nipples
  • Grub Screw (Metric & Imperial)
  • Tension Pins
  • Split Pins
  • Wing Bolts
  • R-Clips
  • Wire Rope Crimps
  • Wire Rope Thimble
  • Wire Rope Grip
  • Piano Hinge (Available in Stainless Steel Only)

We sell a huge range of marine fittings.

  • U-Bolts
  • Turnbuckles
  • Eye Screws
  • Hook Scews
  • Ring Bolt
  • Eye Bolt
  • Eye Nut
  • D-Shackles
  • S Hook
  • Eye Grab Hook
  • Clevis Slip Hook
  • Round Ring
  • Dee Ring
  • Triangle Ring
  • Double Bar Triangle
  • Strap Buckle
  • Cam Buckle
  • Spring Bolt
  • Eye Pad – round
  • Eye Pad – with stud
  • Eye Pad – round with hook

Huge range of sizes to choose from:

  • Marine Hinge
  • Butt Hinge
  • Single
  • Double

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll get it sorted!

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